Model MB-0070

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  • Epoxy-coated steel tube frame featuring three sections, which allows to achieve three positions: stretched, leg position and  bed position. The chair is convertible in bed by means of opening mechanism device at the front side.
  • Retractable mattress support consisting of wooden strips, size 80 x 180 cm. Thickness: 9 cm (16 cm in seating position). Polyurethane cover of high resistance (35 kg/ m3 of density) with antibacterial treatment.


  • High-density polyurethane foam mattress which ensures optimal comfort. Upholstered which anti-microbial, abrasion resistant, M2-class fireproof vinyl. Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Fixed armrests made of epoxy-coated steel tube.
Data sheet
  • Extended dimensión: 190 cm.
  • Height up to seat: 30 cm.
  • Width:  89 cm.
  • Weight: 35 kg.