Diamed Basic

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  • Epoxy-coated steel tube frame
  • Scissor – lift raising system for greater stability and loads of up to 230 kg
  • Accessories holder bar
  • ABS base cover to protect components and for easy cleaning.
  • The polivalent chair DIAMED has undergone extensive testing and research in laboratorios to achieve the maximum ergonomic adaptability and optimum confort, necessary to improve the quality of life and health of patients.


  • Useful surface: 100%.
  • Platform profiling by means of two low-voltage electric motors compliant with EN 60601-1.
  •  Synchronized electric adjustment of backrest and leg rest
  • Handset designed to allow easy and quick positioning of the chair sections. It includes pre-programmed buttons that, in case of emergency, permit placing the chair in the appropriate position, namely Trendelemburg or examination position.
  • Four 125 mm diameter swivel castors with cental brake and steer,  ensuring easy maneuverability of the chair.
  • High-density polyurethane foam backrest and seat for optimum comfort and ergonomic adaptability.
  • Padded armrests, adjustable in height and angle into multiple positions
  • Upholstered with antibacterial, abrasion-resistant, M-2 class self –extinguishing vinyl. Easy to clean and maintain.


  • Quick emergency release backrest dropping system for emergency CPR maneuver or in the event of electrical or battery back-up failure
  • Low-voltage electric motors compliant with EN 60601-1.
  • Thermoplastic base cover for protection and easy cleaning
  • This product conforms to Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices (Annex VI I).
Data sheet

Electric Features:

  • Power supply: 100-240V 50-60Hz
  • Maximum consumption: 3,15 A
  • Protection Indicator: IPX6
  • Class of protection: Class II
  • Level of protection in event of surge: Type B

Techical Data:

  • External dimension (fully extended): 204×87,5 cm
    External dimensions (chair position): 197 x 57 cm
  • Patient Surface: 180x56cm
  • Back rest dimensions: 57 x 88 cm.
  • Seat dimensions: 46 x 56 cm.
  • Legrest dimensions: 56 x 44 cm.
  • Height adjustment: 54,5-79cm
  • Back rest tilting: 0-90º
  • Trendelemburg angle: ±13º
  • Extensible foot rest: 25 – 45 cm.
  • Maximum load: 230 kg
  • Weight excluding accessories: 98 kg.


  • IV pole ref. MB-DIAMED01.
  • Food tray ref. MB-DIAMED02.
  • Headrest integrated in the backrest (optional adjustable headrest)
  • Handle for transport
  • Paper roll holder