Medicare 40 Mattress

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The upper surface is made of graphene viscoelastic material of HR50 density; it is as viscoelastic with high permeability due to its open cellular structure, which provides a better performance in air flow. The insertion of expandable graphite particles provides thermoregulatory properties. To these characteristics must be added its multiple area design on the surface that develops an innovative concept of ergonomics through its forms, helping the relaxation of the body and distribution of weight, to release pressure points and prevent bedsores. This mattress can be used with patients with grade III ulcers.

The HR 40 Visco Respirel middle layer has an important property; it is reticulated, as well as it maintains a great air permeability favoring the perspiration of the mattress and responding to the maximum demands of comfort, freshness and durability .

Both viscoelastic and thermal sensitive layers react to body heat, adapting perfectly to the anatomy of the body, producing the desired effect of relieving pressure and improving blood circulation relief of pressure and perspiration are essential characteristics of the lying surfaces that contribute to reduce bedsores.

The lower part of the mattress consists of high resilience Biocell polyurethane foam HR30, open cell, with transverse channels for articulation. It is the ideal material to support the viscoelastic layer, since it more increases the adaptability of the mattress, if possible.

It does not present medical contraindications, nor harmful or toxic elements for health. Oko-tex Standard 100 certificate. Free of latex.

It also helps to take care of the environment.

It perfectly adapts to articulated, hospital and geriatric beds, and does not affect to the use of side rails.

High maximum load capacity. The mattress core consists of denser foam, thanks to which the mattress has a load capacity of 230 kg.

Measures: 190 x 85 x 15 cm.