Medicare 30 Mattress

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The upper surface of the mattress is made of visco-elastic foam with a HR 50 density, thermosensitive open cell. Due to its exceptional physical properties maintains the memory instants after the pressure is not applied.

It perfectly adapts to the body shape and makes a mold of it, avoiding pressure points and distributing lying area, helping a correct blood circulation.

Thanks to the open cell system, it allows a free air circulation and the mattress perspiration, avoiding a high level of dampness.

The lower part is made by Polyurethane foam of HR 30, allowing the perfect support for the upper visco-elastic layer, assuring an optimal firmness and flexibility for the body.

It does not present medical contraindications, nor harmful or toxic elements for health. Oko-tex

Standard 100 certificates. Free of latex.

Standard measures: 195 x 85 x 13 cm.