Development and innovation

An added value defined by quality and innovation


The future of national companies is now measured in relation to R+D+I,or in full, Research, Development and Innovation. This is the key aspect that differentiates companies and creates competition within production services.
This is a factor that generates sales balance, not to mention the effect it has on the scientific, technological and social progress of a country.


It is for the above reasons that we at Medisa aim to maintain and foster a corporate culture open to innovation and creativity, which serves as the basis for product design, something that brings added value to the client, defined by quality and innovation. Design is the tool that allows us, through careful management to achieve business targets through our products.We use a wide range of solutions using 3D computer graphics, modelling, video and animation, working closely with the architectural team to provide patients with the utmost comfort and sense of wellbeing.
The result is an extensive range of furniture for use in clinic and geriatric
wards, endorsed by the principal hospitals.